During an appearance on a TV chat show, Silver Logie winner Danielle Cormack promotes the work of SHINE for Kids

'Queen of the small screen' – Danielle Cormack on The Morning ShowOne of her many media conversations in which Danielle raises awareness of SHINE for Kids is an April 2015 edition of The Morning Show on Seven in a segment appropriately titled ‘Queen of the Small Screen’.

“I’m associated with an organisation called SHINE [for Kids] who help children whose parents are incarcerated”, said Danielle, “to provide them with mentors, and educating the families about the importance of family and to instil in the children a greater sense of hope for their future, and to destigmatise what it means to have a parent inside – and to also help break cycles.

“It’s all about the children,” she added. “If we can help at least one person in the world to stop that behaviour and instil in themselves a greater sense of self then that’s really great.”

Danielle talks about the work of SHINE for Kids from 4.45.