Wiradjuri cultural workshops for dads and their kids – traditional arts and crafts, bush tucker and lots more

‘Colourful Dreaming’ is all about fathers at Junee Correctional Centre and their kids reconnecting with each other and with their culture.

In this program, Aboriginal inmates with families living locally can do a whole lot of activities together with their children. It can be just spending time together, playing games or making lunch. Sometimes we do arts and crafts like painting, beadmaking or basketweaving, telling traditional stories as we go. The stories can be something Dad remembers that his grandfather told him when he was a kid himself, or a tale from his mob’s Dreaming.

During school holidays the kids also go on outings or do cultural workshops that teach them all about things like Wiradjuri clan totems, bush tucker or breathing techniques for playing the didgeridoo.

Over the years the men’s artwork produced during the ‘Colourful Dreaming’ workshops have been proudly exhibited around the Riverina region. They are sold to raise funds for the programs run by SHINE for Kids.