These guidelines are now provided to all families when they first use our services

SHINE for Kids is committed to creating an environment where all its community can enjoy participation in our activities, events or programs without experiencing abusive, insulting, threatening or other anti-social behaviour.

We call on all parents/carers (and other spectators) associated with SHINE for Kids to:

  • observe our organisation’s guidelines for parents/carers;
  • when necessary, politely and respectfully remind others of their obligations under these guidelines; and
  • in the event of serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines by another person, to report the matter to the Child Safety Officer so that appropriate action can be taken.

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Our Child Safety Guidelines for Parents/Carers

Your and other children and young people’s participation and enjoyment in SHINE for Kids activities, programs or events are our primary consideration. As parents and carers your role is to support these outcomes by:

  • encouraging your child’s participation in a positive manner;
  • not engaging in behaviour that discriminates against any other person on the basis of gender, race, ability, colour, religion, language, politics or national or ethnic origin;
  • not engaging in, or threatening to engage in, violent or physical confrontations with any other person;
  • not encouraging or inciting children or young people to violence;
  • not engaging in behaviour designed to belittle, insult or intimidate;
  • never mocking or insulting children or young people – including your own – when they make a mistake;
  • demonstrating respect;
  • respecting and accepting the decisions of SHINE for Kids personnel and not criticising or arguing about decisions during or after the activity or program;
  • following any directions of SHINE for Kids Personnel or other authorised staff, including any request to modify your behaviour following a breach of these guidelines.

Serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines are not tolerated. Those who breach our guidelines risk being asked to exit the program.

If you have any concerns regarding these guidelines or wish to discuss anything about safeguarding children, please contact our Child Safety Officer on 02 9714 3000 or email