A Child/Parent Activity Day lets children of prisoners spend extended time just with their parents

A Child/Parent Activity Day provides more “normal” environment in which a child and parent can interact and bond. The imprisoned parent can make their child’s lunch, feed a bottle, create art and craft or play ball – everyday activities that they normally miss out on – without other family members present. At 4 hours, it’s longer than a normal visit too, and morning tea and lunch are provided.

When are the Child/Parent Activity Days held?

This program usually operates in school holidays so that most children can attend. Some correctional centres hold them just prior to Christmas. Sometimes we also hold them to coincide with other special days in the year such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter.

Where are they held?

Child/Parent Activity Days are run in nominated correctional centres, where a poster is displayed advertising the event and providing information for inmates on how to apply.

How do we get involved?

  1. Inmates should collect an application form from Welfare, fill out the form and return it to Welfare by the specified due date.
  2. Carers will be contacted and an information package, including carer permission forms, will be sent to the them.
  3. The carers should return the package to SHINE for Kids in the supplied prepaid envelope by the specified due date.

Who can participate?

Child/Parent Activity Days are for inmates and their children, 0–18 years old. Other family members do not attend – it’s specifically for the inmates and their children.

A criminal history check is conducted on each inmate applying. Inmates who have a history of child sex offences will not be allowed to participate in this program.

A case management will be conducted to recommend to the general manager who should participate in the day. The case management meeting will take into account the following:

  • The relationship between the inmate and the child/children
  • Whether the carer has returned the carer permission form
  • Whether the child/children want to attend

Inmates will be advised if successful after the General Manager has approved the applications.

Other things to know

  • SHINE for Kids can supply transport to these days but there are very limited places and this service is based on need only. Otherwise carers are to transport the children to the centre and pick them up at the nominated time.
  • No money is to be brought into the centres. However if the child requires certain foods (for example, baby food), then carers are to supply it on the day as they would on normal visits.