Our Community Mentoring Program provides children or young people with a positive relationship with an adult role model

Having a stable relationship with a supportive adult provides consistency and stability in the often disrupted life of a young person without intruding into their family life. These adults are called mentors (and the young person is known as the mentee).

Our mentors are volunteers who meet with the child or young person on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They are matched, checked, trained and supported by us at SHINE for Kids.

During their time together, the young person and their mentor enjoy activities or outings that are of interest to the mentee, developing a trusting personal bond that creates a safe space for the young person to be themselves – away from the troubles and pressures of daily life.

Mentoring offers children and young people the opportunity to:

  • Have a supportive, caring and non-judgmental relationship with an adult mentor
  • Talk to someone who is there just for them
  • Learn new skills and/or interests, or develop existing ones
  • Encourage a positive personal outlook, by building on their self esteem, communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Community Mentoring Program has been running for a long time and has proven very successful in supporting children and young people through difficult times in their lives. Each volunteer mentor commits to at least a year with his or her mentee – but the relationships often last much longer and some are still ongoing after many years.