‘Belonging to Family’ helps inmates to reconnect with themselves and their lives

What is it about?

We’ll help your inmate parent to:

  • Support their kids
  • Become the best parent they can
  • Be the best partner they can
  • Think of their children’s future
  • Support their wife/husband/partner
  • Know themselves better

What does the inmate get from it?

  • A closer bond with his/her kids
  • Healthier family relationships
  • Support during and after release
  • Help teach their children the right way
  • Support to stay out of prison

What’s involved?

We use group work with the inmate, their partner and children, extended family and community Elders. Weekly group sessions of two hours each explore all your relationships and impacts of your imprisonment.

Who is eligible?

  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander parent in custody
  • With a partner/carer living in or near Kempsey
  • And 6 to 12 months to serve on their sentence

How does the inmate apply?

The inmate asks their case officer and fills out a referral form.

Get involved

Download the brochure for your inmate parent

Download a PDF referral form