• SHINE provides submission to Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry

    18 April 2019SHINE provides submission to Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry

    SHINE for Kids is pleased to provide a submission to the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry into Imprisonment and Recidivism. Our submission will draw on over 30 years of practice, research and advocacy experience on the needs of children of prisoners and the role integrated family support and case management plays in reducing recidivism.

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  • Review: Prison-based mothers and children programs

    10 June 2016

    This literature review was conducted by The University of Melbourne in partnership with Save the Children Australia and the Peabody Research Institute to better inform future program development of mothers and children programs in the Victorian prison system. The review found no evidence of harm to children involved in programs for mothers and children in prisons. It ...

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  • Children of Prisoners: ‘Collateral Damage’?

    28 February 2014

    This article in VCOSS’s Insight by Dr Catherine Flynn of Monash University and Melanie Field-Pimm of VACRO makes a compelling case for more co-ordination of justice and welfare agencies to mitigate the ‘collateral damage’ to the families of those involved in the criminal justice system in Victoria.

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  • ICPS ‘Research to Practice’ Issue 4: Children with Parents in Prison

    15 November 2013

    The Research to Practice Series by the Institute of Child Protection Studies linked the findings of their research to the development of policy and practice in the area of child, youth and family welfare. SHINE for Kids’ contribution was to Issue 4.

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  • ‘Children of Prisoners’ ACT research report

    31 October 2013

    November 2013 saw the release of a research paper from the Institute of Child Protection Studies of the Australian Catholic University, titled ‘Children of Prisoners: Exploring the needs of children and young people who have a parent incarcerated in the Australian Capital Territory’.

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  • ‘An evaluation of the Prison Invisits Program in Victoria: a service user perspective’

    30 June 2013

    This study by Shehara Devadason, in the Department of Social Work in Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, sought to evaluate the experiences of and outcomes for children participating in the Prison Invisits Program at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and Barwon Prison in Victoria from a service user perspective.

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  • ‘Determining the Future: A Fair Go and Health for All’

    25 August 2011

    World Health Organisation recommendations ignored by Australian governments, says a ground-breaking book A book authored by forty leading Australian health and social policy experts says four-year-old recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) aimed at improving the health of chronically ill Australians should be adopted by the Council of Australian Governments as the next phase of national ...

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  • ‘It’s the kids that do the time’

    30 June 2001

    Stories from SHINE volunteers Compiled by Denise Blacket in 2001, this book shares the many stories from the volunteers about their time at SHINE for Kids. The volunteers – who give their time freely without asking for anything in return – describe how their experience has a remarkable positive influence on their lives. It’s the kids that ...

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  • ‘Children of Prisoners: What has changed in 18 years?’

    30 June 2000

    ‘Children of Prisoners: What has changed in 18 years?’ described a 1999 survey of 200 imprisoned parents in New South Wales with children under 16 years of age, identical to a survey taken in 1981. Using its results, chief researcher Derek R. Brookes examines the inadequacy of response of the NSW government to the recommendations ...

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  • ‘Silent Victims’

    15 February 2000

    This ground-breaking report identified, through a literature review and discussions held with caseworkers and other relevant personnel, some of the major issues facing children of prisoners who were also the victims of violent crime.

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