• Pledge your support today to help kids like Jessica SHINE

    19 October 2018Pledge your support today to help kids like Jessica SHINE

    Imagine being a child and having your mum or dad suddenly taken away from you because they have gone to prison. Unable to open a birthday present together or blow out the candles on your birthday cake. That is the reality for 45,000 children just like Jessica in Australia right now. Ordinary children going through ...

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  • Family jail sentence: the ripple effect of losing a parent to prison

    14 February 2018Family jail sentence: the ripple effect of losing a parent to prison

    Valued SHINE volunteer, Dennis van Someren spoke to Richard Fidler on ABC Conversations in an hour-long interview about his personal story and why he volunteers for SHINE for Kids. Dennis’ happy family life was destroyed in the 1960s, when he was just 12 years old. His popular and respected father, an accountant, was charged with corporate ...

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  • ‘SHINE for Kids provides support for children who have a family member in prison’ – Goulburn Post

    3 October 2016'SHINE for Kids provides support for children who have a family member in prison' – Goulburn Post

    SHINE for Kids community mentor project worker Lena Lockett says the service supports and works in partnership with children and young people so they can exercise their rights to protection and full participation in family, culture and social life. “These children are hidden in the community and can feel very isolated and stigmatised,” Ms Lockett said.

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  • ‘Helping young people shine’ – Koori Mail

    29 September 2016'Helping young people shine' – Koori Mail

    FOR more than three decades children and young people affected by a family member’s offending have been supported by SHINE for Kids, which operates in justice centres in NSW, Victoria, ACT and Queensland. Chief executive Gloria Larman said the organisation was shocked at the recent allegations of child abuse in juvenile detention centres in the ...

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  • Baroness Jean Corston on ‘The Morning Show’

    14 September 2016Baroness Jean Corston on 'The Morning Show'

    Baroness Jean Corston, who spoke at a breakfast at Parliament House co-sponsored by SHINE for Kids, appeared today on ‘The Morning Show’ to discuss her groundbreaking work leading to The Corston Report in 2007.

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  • Gloria Larman chats with James Valentine

    18 July 2016Gloria Larman chats with James Valentine

    A couple of weeks after he hosted A Night with a Few of Our Favourite Artists, James Valentine invited SHINE for Kids CEO Gloria Larman to outline what the organisation does and how parental incarceration so adversely affects the children we support.

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  • Organisation supports children of prisoners – Western Advocate

    14 December 2015Organisation supports children of prisoners – Western Advocate

    From the Western Advocate: An organisation supporting children with a parent in jail is in urgent need of additional volunteers. Bathurst Shine for Kids works with, and for, young children with a parent in jail by supporting them and inspiring them to reach their potential.

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  • Law Society Journal looks at the plight of women in prison

    15 November 2015Law Society Journal looks at the plight of women in prison

    The number of women in NSW prisons has quadrupled since 1982, growing at twice the rate of men. The result is pressure on an overloaded system, calls for more programs to help women when they are in prison, and the need to develop more diversion programs to keep them out. This is the hidden story ...

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  • ‘Colourful Dreaming’ on WIN News

    26 October 2015'Colourful Dreaming' on WIN News

    Sarah Navin reports on the progress of SHINE for Kids’ ‘Colourful Dreaming’ program, reconnecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates with their families and communities through traditional arts, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

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  • What life’s really like in a juvenile detention centre

    20 May 2015What life's really like in a juvenile detention centre

    news.com.au tells the stories of two inmates at Frank Baxter and how the ‘Stand As One’ program is helping them change their lives.

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  • What a difference a ride makes: Transport stories from people in Western Sydney

    30 April 2015

    Our Children’s Supported Transport Service appears in a booklet published by the Western Sydney Community Forum. In ‘Samantha – transport over troubled waters’ (p37), a SHINE for Kids caseworker describes her sometimes heartwrenching, sometimes surprising, experiences while accompanying children to visit their parents in prison.

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  • Danielle Cormack appears on The Morning Show

    28 April 2015Danielle Cormack appears on The Morning Show

    One of her many media conversations in which Danielle raises awareness of SHINE for Kids is an April 2015 edition of ‘The Morning Show’ on Seven in a segment appropriately titled ‘Queen of the Small Screen’.

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  • ‘Out and about’ – The Daily Advertiser

    8 July 2014

    AS PART of local community celebrations during NAIDOC Week 2014, Wagga Art Gallery, in partnership with SHINE for Kids, showcased an exhibition of indigenous artwork created by the talented participants of the Colourful Dreaming Program. The exhibition for 2014 was on show 3–12 July at the E3 art space in Wagga Wagga. The Daily Advertiser ...

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  • ‘Time to shine art gallery’ – The Daily Advertiser

    28 June 2014

    JOURNEY: James Mapp Journey in Time 2014 acrylic on canvas from the upcoming exhibition Shine for Kids – Colourful Dreaming Program. Reproduced courtesy of the The Daily Advertiser By LINDA ELLIOTT AS PART of local community celebrations during NAIDOC Week 2014, Wagga Art Gallery, in partnership with SHINE for Kids, is proud to be showcasing an exhibition of ...

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  • ‘Federal Budget axes program for Aboriginal children with parents in jail’ – ABC News

    17 June 2014

    Federal Budget cuts will see the end of a program for Aboriginal children in the Macleay Valley who have parents in jail. The Federally funded … Belonging to Family project to the Kempsey area since 2010. Since then 80 Aboriginal inmates have participated in it, and it supported over 400 children. Read more ...

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  • ‘They want to make sure kids can shine’ – Western Advocate

    5 June 2014'They want to make sure kids can shine' – Western Advocate

    By NADINE MORTON MORE than 300 children who have a parent in Bathurst Correctional Centre will be assisted thanks to a new funding boost. While law enforcement focuses on the crime and punishment of the perpetrator, the children of a person in jail are often the “hidden” concern. A child of someone in prison is five times more ...

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  • SHINE for Kids contributes to ‘The Forgotten Children’ – BBC Radio Worldwide

    31 May 2014

    SHINE for Kids’ CEO Gloria Larman spoke recently to BBC Radio Worldwide in a segment ‘The Forgotten Children’ which reported that in the UK, over 200,000 children have a parent in prison.

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  • Grant to help break cycle of generational crime – The Wellington Times

    26 May 2014

    SHINE for Kids says a $10,000 donation from Westpac Foundation Community Grant is a vote of confidence in SHINE’s programs. The funding will support the work of SHINE for Kids with the children of imprisoned parents in western Sydney and in the central west (Bathurst) region of NSW. “We are delighted to receive this funding from Westpac ...

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  • ‘HungryBeast’

    31 May 2010'HungryBeast'

    SHINE for Kids features prominently in a cutting-edge ABC TV report One of the very last segments in 2010’s ‘Hungrybeast’ was on the challenges faced by children of prisoners. It sensitively shows the impact of one father’s incarceration on two of his children and their grandmother, who became their guardian – and how SHINE for ...

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  • SHINE client and CEO on ‘Life Matters’

    15 March 2010

    Gloria Larman, CEO SHINE for Kids, and Jamielee, a former client of SHINE, spoke to Richard Aedy for ‘Life Matters’ on ABC Radio National.

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