Group work – growth through sharing

Our group work programs are constructed around a strengths-based, solution-focused model. It affirms what is already working for an individual, builds on existing skills and strengths, and focuses on the future. Our current support groups may incorporate art therapy and/or members of the family, community and/or Aboriginal Elders.

Support groups:

  • develop positive, nurturing relationships amongst individuals who are struggling with the imprisonment of a parent
  • create an environment where many of the consequences of parental imprisonment can be addressed
  • reduce isolation by connecting people with others in a similar circumstance
  • help build resilience
  • teach skills that help individuals to cope and to adapt
  • can be rewarding and fulfilling, and even fun
  • ‘Belonging to Family’ Program

    'Belonging to Family' Program

    This program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents with 6 to 12 months to serve. Over several weeks this program uses group work reduce recidivism by strengthening the connections between Aboriginal inmates and their partners, their children, their children’s carer, their extended family and/or their community elders.

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  • Carers Group

    Carers Group

    Carers Group is a support network for carers of children with a parent or relative involved in the criminal justice system. The group provides the members with emotional support in a communal setting, or one-to-one time with a support person.

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