• Prison Invisits Program

    Prison Invisits Program

    Visiting prisons can be a traumatic, confusing and frequently upsetting time for children, but an enjoyable visit to their parent develops a stronger child-parent bond. A SHINE for Kids worker and trained volunteers offer enjoyable and relaxing activities to occupy children between times spent talking to their parent.

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  • Child/Parent Activity Days

    Child/Parent Activity Days

    A Child/Parent Activity Day is a special day set aside for children of prisoners to spend extended time with their parents, without other family members. The parent may make their child’s lunch, feed a bottle, play ball or and create art and craft – everyday parenting tasks not possible during a normal visit.

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  • Children’s Supported Transport Service

    Children's Supported Transport Service

    Visits are important for both child and parent in maintaining this essential relationship. For young children in particular visits can be emotionally nurturing, reducing anxiety and fear. Our workers are skilled at negotiating the visits system to ensure our clients have a positive encounter with their parent.

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  • ‘Story Time’ Program

    'Story Time' Program

    The inmate parent simply reads a children’s story as it is recorded onto a CD or Hallmark recordable book, which are forwarded onto the child. As they read the book they hear their parent’s voice reading the story. This is particularly comforting for those children unable to see their parents on a regular basis.

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  • Non Placement Support Services (NPSS) – NSW

    Non Placement Support Services (NPSS) – NSW

    Services delivered via the NPSS program in NSW by SHINE for Kids include Supervised Transport; Supervised Contact; and Mentoring and Casework for Young People.

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