• Intake Services

    Intake Services

    The Intake and Assessment Caseworker is a client’s initial point of connection to SHINE for Kids, providing direction and information to families, inmates, children, Corrective Services staff, FaCS, legal representatives, schools and others. Referrals are assessed by the Caseworker and designated to the appropriate support.

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  • Early Intervention Placement Prevention (EIPP)

    Early Intervention Placement Prevention (EIPP)

    EIPP avoids the escalation of issues affecting families with critical early assistance and targeted support. EIPP provides assessment, case management, parenting support, information, advice, training and links to other appropriate services.

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  • Education Program

    Education Program

    We provide primary-school aged children with weekly in-school one-to-one assistance with areas of their education identified as requiring improvement. This develops the child’s literacy and numeracy skills while increasing their self esteem and confidence with learning, and stimulates their engagement with learning.

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  • Carers Group

    Carers Group

    Carers Group is a support network for carers of children with a parent or relative involved in the criminal justice system. The group provides the members with emotional support in a communal setting, or one-to-one time with a support person.

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