This selection of videos made by or about SHINE for Kids gives voice to those who know first-hand what children go through when they have parents or other relatives in the criminal justice system.

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  • Interview: Dennis van Someren

    Interview: Dennis van Someren

    Dennis van Someren has been a Children’s Supported Transport Service volunteer for many years. As Dennis had many of his formative years affected by having a father in prison, he is able to share this experience with the families he transports. He offers a first-hand account of the effectiveness of the SHINE programs on these ...

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  • ‘Colourful Dreaming’ on WIN News

    'Colourful Dreaming' on WIN News

    Sarah Navin reports on the progress of SHINE for Kids’ ‘Colourful Dreaming’ program, reconnecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates with their families and communities through traditional arts, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

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  • Interview: Helen Wiseman

    Interview: Helen Wiseman

    Helen has been chair of SHINE for Kids since 2004. She is also involved with the Sydney Community Foundation, Relationships Australia, the War Widows Guild and the Melanoma Institute of Australia. A chartered accountant, Helen is a former KPMG Partner and was featured in the inaugural 2010 American Express Enriched List. She also participated in ...

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  • Interview: Danielle Cormack

    Interview: Danielle Cormack

    Danielle says her role as Bea in hit TV series Wentworth alerted her to the plight of children of prisoners. As the mother of two sons who has always had the love and support she needed, she was struck by how quickly circumstance could deny this to children with incarcerated parents.

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  • Interview: Scott Thompson

    Interview: Scott Thompson

    Scott Thompson is a mental health professional who spent most of his childhood with a father in prison. Here he discusses the impact on his formative years and how his experience highlights the need for an organisation like SHINE for Kids.

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  • Interview: Ann Symonds

    Interview: Ann Symonds

    Former NSW MP Ann Symonds has been Patron of SHINE for Kids since 1999. Ann devoted her parliamentary life to disdvantaged women and children. She was a founding member of the Australian Parliamentary Group for Drug Law Reform, the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation and the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues.

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  • Interview: Patrick Garcia

    Interview: Patrick Garcia

    Pat Garcia is a solicitor and policy director with a particular interest in youth disadvantage and youth policy. He is a former SHINE for Kids board member, non-executive director with the Youth Action Policy Association and a fellow of the McKell Institute. He was previously Policy Director in the Office of the NSW Premier and ...

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  • Interview: Jodie Lydeker

    Interview: Jodie Lydeker

    Jodie Lydeker is board member of SHINE for Kids and a senior government legal and policy analyst. She has a keen interest in government and non-profit sectors dedicated to social policy issues, in particular providing services to children and disadvantaged communities related to education/schools, mental health and community support.

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